Google Research Awards 2018 for academic research in computer science & engineering (150,000 USD)



Application Deadline: October 7th, 2017.

The Faculty Research Awards Program, sometimes referred to as the Research Awards Program, supports academic research in computer science, engineering, and related fields. Through the program, we fund world-class research at top universities, facilitate interaction between Google and academia, and support projects whose output will be made openly available to the research community. Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to universities and are designed to support roughly the cost of one graduate student for one year of work.


  • Google accepts applications from permanent faculty at universities around the world. The funding is focused on supporting PhD students, so we do allow applications from faculty at research institutions that award research degrees to PhD students. We do not allow applications from professors, researchers, or faculty members at non-degree-granting research institutes. Researchers at such institutes who are also faculty at a degree-granting university may apply through that university.
  • The funding is structured as unrestricted gifts to universities. We cannot process awards to other institutions (e.g. not-for-profits institutions, hospitals, non-degree-granting research institutes, etc) even if they are affiliated with a university. A Principal Investigator must apply in his or her capacity as a university professor and must be able to accept an award through that university.

Principal Investigators

  • An applicant may only serve as Principal Investigator or co-Principal Investigator on one proposal per round.
  • Each Principal Investigator on a proposal must be a permanent faculty at a university or a degree-granting research institution.

How to Apply:

To apply for a Google research award, faculty members should use the following general guidelines:

  • Permanent faculty members from universities worldwide are eligible to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) or co-PIs on proposals. Faculty members may submit one proposal per funding cycle as a Principal Investigator or a co-Principal Investigator. More details, including the definition of a Principal Investigator and our eligibility criteria can be found later in the FAQs.
  • The advice on crafting a strong proposal at the end of these FAQs was written by a group of Google researchers and engineers involved in the review and selection process and is an excellent place to start as you prepare an application.
  • The application process includes filling out an online form requesting basic information and uploading a PDF proposal via the form. As part of the online form, you will be asked to select a topic area from approximately 20 areas. Please select carefully, as this will help us in ensuring your proposal is read by the appropriate reviewers. Do not send any confidential or proprietary information in your proposal. Any information you send us as part of your application will be considered not confidential regardless of any markings or designations on it.


  • Recipients are selected through an internal review process and notified of their awards within 4 months of the initial submission.
  • Faculty members can apply for up to 150,000 USD in eligible expenses, but most awards are funded at the amount needed to support one graduate student for one year.

How to apply for a Faculty Research Award

Step 1: Read advice on how to write a good proposal and learn more about our Faculty Research Awards in our FAQ.

Step 2: Ask a Google employee to champion your proposal. A Google champion or sponsor is not required to submit a proposal, but it helps ensure that your proposal is relevant and of interest to Google. The Google champion or sponsor should be:

  • a willing participant
  • considered an expert in your area of research, and
  • familiar with your work.

It’s the primary principal investigator’s responsibility to find a champion/sponsor. These relationships are typically made on the ground at academic conferences and workshops.

Step 3: Write your proposal using the advice mentioned in step 1. If you have a Google champion or sponsor, ask them to provide feedback.

Step 4: Submit your proposal by the deadline.

Step 5: Decisions are announced in February.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Google Research Awards 2018 



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