Call for Nominations: 10th UNESCO Youth Forum (Ethiopians Only)


Application Deadline: 12th April, 2017

The 10th UNESCO Youth Forum 25th -26th October will ensure maximum interaction between youth and UNESCO staff, working on youth actions. It will last for 2 days and some 80 to 100 young people from all over the world – but not representing their own countries – will be invited to attend. The primary aim of the Forum is to start developing long-term relationships with exceptional youth for the better implementation of the Organization’s Operational Strategy on Youth.
The objectives of the Forum will be as follows:
• To discuss how UNESCO can better engage with youth and scale up outstanding youth actions
• To develop lasting relationships between exceptional youth and UNESCO’s Programme Sectors to promote the better implementation of the Operational Strategy on Youth
• To co-design a series of regional Youth Spaces (to be held over the next 2 years) to enable youth to address the issues most affecting them at a regional/sub-regional level.

Nominations will be made by UNESCO Secretariat in accordance with strict criteria:

  • The participant has either led or co-shaped an innovative social initiative that relates to one of UNESCO’s areas of competence
  • This social initiative has received a significant amount of public recognition/government recognition/media coverage
  • A particular emphasis should be placed on stories of resilience
  • The participant is aged between 18-29 where possible, or should be within the youth age definition of his/her country or region
Call for Nominations: 10th UNESCO Youth Forum (Ethiopians Only) 1

It is vital that any youth proposed are truly inspiring and leading change in their communities and beyond and that they have an important story to tell. These stories should be included in the submission form and evidence must be provided. Listing events the youth have attended or organizations they belong to is no longer sufficient.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Call for Nominations: 10th UNESCO Youth Forum (Ethiopians Only)

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Call for Nominations: 10th UNESCO Youth Forum (Ethiopians Only) 2

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