Earl S Tupper 3-Year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Tropical Biology


The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) invites applications for the Earl S Tupper three-year postdoctoral fellowship. We strongly encourage applicants in disciplines including ecology, anthropology, paleontology, paleoecology, evolutionary biology, functional genomics, microbial ecology, sensory ecology, chemical ecology, animal behavior, neurobiology, soils sciences, and physiology of tropical plants and animals. Research should be based at one of the STRI facilities. Proposals that include
comparative research in other tropical countries will be considered. The annual stipend is $50,400 with an annual increase of $1,000 for years 2 and 3 (*see tax exemptions below). The annual research budget is up to $16,000/year.

All candidates must submit an application through SOLAA, (Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment
Follow these steps:
1. Go to: https://solaa.si.edu
2. Select “New to SOLAA? Complete the information to create an account.
3. Once you create your account and provide the information required, you can select the type of
appointment. Choose as follows:
4. Program Type: “Fellowship”
5. Unit of interest: “Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute”
6. Program: “STRI 3-Year Tupper Fellowship”
a. Fill in the application questions
b. Upload the required documents
c. Request the reference letters, giving sufficient time for referees to submit them. It is your responsibility to send the email request to your recommenders and check in the system that the letters have been submitted.

The complete application should include the following information:
? A detailed research proposal (one page summary + a five-page project description):
The one-page project summary provides an overview of the proposed research. The project description should provide clear description of research and must not exceed a maximum 5 pages total, font size 12 pts, single spaced on 8 ½ x 11 paper size. The project description must include objectives, hypotheses or research question(s), experimental design, and significance.
? A detailed annual budget. The annual research/travel allowance is not expected to exceed $16,000.00.
? Bibliography: The References Cited is limited to 3 pages.
? A Curriculum Vitae
? Two letters of reference (should not be from your main advisor or proposed co-advisors) Candidates must designate a staff member to serve as STRI host/advisor and two additional co-advisors who can review the proposal. Applicants should consult with the STRI scientific staff member who will serve as their main host/advisor before submitting a final application. Staff members are listed at http://www.stri.si.edu/english/scientific_staff/index.php.
Proposals received after the application deadline will not be considered. Applicants will be informed of results by October 15. Incomplete applications will be eliminated.

Deadline for submission: August 15, 2019.

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