Belgium’s University Commission for Development Student Micro-Projects 2018


You are a student ? Interested in North-South relations? Do you want to invest in a team project related to a development issue?

Student microprojects offer you the opportunity to set up a project in a southern country, in partnership with students from a developing country.

The student micro-project program offers students in the Wallonia region of Belgium the opportunity to set up a project in partnership with students from a developing country. Topic areas may include water resources, female empowerment, and several others. The ARES program offers financial support of up to € 15 thousand per micro-project.


  • the proposed micro-project must be based on a true North-South partnership and demonstrate effective participation of students in both North and South ;
  • Emphasis should be placed on raising students’ awareness of development issues rather than on the expected concrete results of the project. This should be reflected at all stages, from the project proposal to implementation and the final report;
  • the proposed micro-project must be distinguished by its collective character, in that it can not lead to the completion of a thesis or TFE ;
  • the microproject can include the arrival of student partners in Belgium ;
  • the proposed microproject must take place in only one of the countries included in the list of ARES partner countries (see point 7 of the project proposal form);
  • the micro-project must take place between the date of signature of the agreement and December 31 of the reference year  ;
  • the grant allocated to the proposed microproject can not exceed € 15,000 ;
  • the proposal must be submitted within the deadlines and according to the formal criteria imposed;
  • the proposed microprojects need not necessarily be related to an Institutional Support (IA) activity, a Targeted Interuniversity Project (CIP), a Research for Development Project (PRD), a Southern Training Project (SIP) or a Innovative Initiative Project (IIP) funded by ARES. If the proposal is not related to an ARES project, the focus should be on the quality of the partnership relationship
  •  existing in the application file.

The deadline for submitting applications is 8th December 2017 .

Project proposals must be submitted to the  reference person at your institution.

For universities whose reference person is not included in the list, please address your request to the director of your institution




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