Indo-Poland Joint Research Programme for Scientists & Technologists from India and Poland


The Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India and Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange – NAWA (Poland), invite proposals for Joint Research projects in bilateral mode involving scientists & technologists from India and Poland.
The DST and the NAWA (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementing Agencies”) hereby invite Indian and Polish scientists/researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Projects in the following scientific areas :
i) Natural Sciences
ii) Engineering and Technology
iii) Medical and Health Sciences
iv) Agricultural Sciences

A. Guidelines for Proposal Submission:
1. About Proposals :
a) Research Projects should be carried out jointly by research teams from both countries.
b) Each country should have a team with a Team leader. The team leader should be one
who holds a full-time position at a University or Research Institution in the respective
c) The project should be made by the team leader in each country, to the respective
Implementing Agency of his/her country, simultaneously. Both Applications shall be
identical. Since all projects are joint projects, it is expected that consultations would
have been held between relevant counterpart Institutions in the other country prior to
the submission of an Application.
d) It should be in English and shall be in the Form prescribed by the relevant Implementing Agency
e) The duration of each project should be two years. (Scientists are advised to submit only one project against this Call.)
f) The funding will cover the following expenses in connection with a project up to a limit
agreed upon by each Implementing Agency –
i. Research expenses/contingency: Limited Expenditure by the project team in their
country in respect of consumables will be borne by the respective country.
ii. Exchange of visits for research projects: In the event that a research project
provides for the exchange of visits by scientists, experts or students –

2. Timeline:
? Launch of call on NAWA and DST websites: 10 June, 2019
? Project Submission Ends: 14 August, 2019

3. Submission:
Please note the following important application instructions
? Research projects of two years in duration are eligible for funding.
? Each project application must consist of an Indian and Polish applicant (Principal
Investigators) who together have developed a joint project proposal and project
budget. The joint project proposal along with all supporting documentation required by
each funding organization must be submitted online via on Indian side. All documents
and forms required for a project application are accessible online.
? The online application will be automatically sent to both DST and NAWA together with
all funding organization specific documents submitted as part of the online application


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