Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Harvest Surveys

Funding Opportunity ID: 285398
Opportunity Number: P16AS00290
Opportunity Title: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Harvest Surveys
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity: Information and Statistics
Category Explanation:
CFDA Number(s): 15.945
Eligible Applicants: State governments
Additional Information on Eligibility:
Agency Code: DOI-NPS
Agency Name: Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Posted Date: Jun 24, 2016
Close Date: Jul 03, 2016 This is a notice of intent to award to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. Applications will not be accepted from any other cooperator. ADF&G is a part of the Pacific Northwest CESU that has already been competed.
Last Updated Date: Jun 24, 2016
Award Ceiling: $326,000
Award Floor: $120,812
Estimated Total Program Funding: $325,685
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Description: NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD This Funding Announcement is not a request for applications. This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service⿿s intention to fund the following project activities without full and open competition. ABSTRACT Funding Announcement Number P16AS00290 Project Title Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Harvest Surveys Recipient Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Subsistence Principle Investigator / Program Manager Caroline Brown, Principal Investigator Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence Total Anticipated Award Amount $120, 812 Cost Share None New Award or Continuation? New Anticipated Period of Performance July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019 Award Instrument Cooperative Agreement Statutory Authority 54 USC §100703 CESU CFDA # and Title 15.945, Cooperative Research and Training Programs ⿿ Resources of the National Park System (CESU) Single Source Justification Criteria Cited CESU Task Agreement under Master Cooperative Agreement P16AC00003 NPS ATR Point of Contact Marcy Okada OVERVIEW The Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Harvest Surveys Project will provide up-to-date information on resource use by local residents living in nearby communities by conducting a comprehensive harvest survey, analyzing the resulting data, and preparing a report. The specific objective of this project is to conduct a harvest assessment of the residents of Circle, Central, Eagle, and Eagle Village. The project will be conducted by specialists from Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), Division of Subsistence, in collaboration with National Park Service (NPS) staff. The collected information will help to inform Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, State of Alaska, and Federal Subsistence Board decisions regarding resource management. STATEMENT OF JOINT OBJECTIVES/PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve (YUCH) and the Alaska Regional Office of the NPS require the production of a project documenting wild resource use and economic activities among residents of the Yukon-Charley region. The objective is to conduct a harvest assessment of Circle, Central, Eagle, and Eagle Village residents, contingent upon community approval. This project involves the following activities: a. After collaboration on the development of the questionnaire, ADF&G and NPS will administer a survey to all households in the affiliated communities, documenting households⿿ subsistence harvests, production and distribution networks, and economic activities. b. ADF&G will code the harvest survey responses, prepare data for analysis, and provide the NPS with integrated SPSS files of the survey results. The ADF&G will conduct preliminary analysis of SPSS data, including comparisons of demography, income and harvest levels over time and complete cross-sectional analysis on the influence of household composition, income, employment, ethnicity and so forth on harvest and distributional patterns; and will enter the data in the ADF&G Community Subsistence Information System. c. ADF&G and NPS will collaborate in writing a technical report that presents a preliminary analysis of the harvest survey and includes the social, economic, and regional contexts for the community findings. RECIPIENT INVOLVEMENT ADF&G will collaborate with NPS in this project by conducting numerous tasks, including the following: (a) holding meetings to introduce the project to the study communities, (b) creating the survey form and maps for data collection, (c) providing local researchers with training in survey methodology and administration, (d) conducting the harvest survey research in the selected communities in cooperation with NPS, (e) coding survey forms, (f) entering survey data into a computer database, (g) cleaning SPSS data with wild code checks, (h) providing NPS with two types of SPSS files as a product of the harvest survey, (i) producing descriptive statistics on the SPSS database, (j) convening a community meeting to review draft study findings, (k) producing a project report, and (l) entering harvest survey results in the Community Subsistence Information System. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE INVOLVEMENT Substantial involvement on the part of the National Park Service is anticipated for the successful completion of the objectives to be funded by this award. In particular, the National Park Service will be responsible for the following: meeting with the federally recognized tribal councils in each community to seek their support for the project, collaborating with the cooperator on survey development, obtaining OMB approval for the survey, assisting with survey interviews, and assisting with report writing.
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Source:: http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=285398


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