Spectrum Innovation Initiative: National Center for Wireless Spectrum Research


Funding Opportunity ID: 325436
Opportunity Number: 20-557
Opportunity Title: Spectrum Innovation Initiative: National Center for Wireless Spectrum Research
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type: Grant
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other Research and Development
Category Explanation:
CFDA Number(s): 47.041
Eligible Applicants: Others (see text field entitled “Additional Information on Eligibility” for clarification)
Additional Information on Eligibility: *Who May Submit Proposals: Proposals may only be submitted by the following: -Non-profit, non-academic organizations: Independent museums, observatories, research labs, professional societies and similar organizations in the U.S. associated with educational or research activities. -Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) – Two- and four-year IHEs (including community colleges) accredited in, and having a campus located in the US, acting on behalf of their faculty members.Special Instructions for International Branch Campuses of US IHEs: If the proposal includes funding to be provided to an international branch campus of a US institution of higher education (including through use of subawards and consultant arrangements), the proposer must explain the benefit(s) to the project of performance at the international branch campus, and justify why the project activities cannot be performed at the US campus. *Who May Serve as PI: The PI must be a full-time faculty member or staff member at an institution of higher education, or a member of a non-profit, non-academic organization, and have an established record of leading research teams.
Agency Code: NSF
Agency Name: National Science Foundation
Posted Date: Mar 14, 2020
Close Date: Jun 12, 2020
Last Updated Date: Mar 14, 2020
Award Ceiling: $25,000,000
Award Floor: $300,000
Estimated Total Program Funding: $30,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 16
Description: The worldwide growth of wireless communication, navigation, and telemetry has provided immense societal benefits including mobile broadband data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile healthcare, and intelligent transportation systems. These and other applications including 5G and beyond wireless systems call for innovations that can circumvent the challenges of radio spectrum scarcity and interference and foster the growth of ubiquitous, high speed, low latency connectivity. Commercial applications like the above must operate in harmony with scientific uses such as research on radio astronomy, Earth and atmospheric sciences, and must not inhibit weather prediction, polar research, and other nationally vital activities, all of which are dependent upon access to the radio spectrum. The National Science Foundation (NSF) continues to support wireless spectrum research and the scientific uses of the electromagnetic spectrum through multiple programs that enable fast, accurate, dynamic coordination and usage of our limited spectrum resource. These programs have created an opportune ground to build and create a large center-based ecosystem for spectrum research, which is the target of this SII-Center program. The focus of a spectrum research SII-Center must go beyond 5G, IoT, and other existing or forthcoming systems and technologies and chart out a trajectory to ensure United States leadership in future wireless technologies, systems, and applications in science and engineering through the efficient use and sharing of the radio spectrum. The SII-Center should also seek to foster scientific and technical collaboration and grow the spectrum workforce. The establishment of an SII-Center will have a transformational impact on wireless spectrum research by serving as a connecting point for the biggest and most challenging questions in spectrum management that the nation is facing. SELECTED LIST OF ACRONYMS AI Artificial Intelligence EARS Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum EM Electromagnetic FCC Federal Communications Commission IoT Internet of Things IWG Interagency Working Group ML Machine Learning NITRD Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Program NSF National Science Foundation PAPPG NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide PAWR Platform for Advanced Wireless Research RAS Radio Astronomy Service RF Radio Frequency RR Radio Regulations SII Spectrum Innovation Initiative SpecEES Spectrum Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, and Security SWIFT Spectrum and Wireless Innovation enabled by Future Technologies WRC World Radiocommunications Conference WSRD Wireless Spectrum Research and Development
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