Species Mgt Natural Resources Spt Edwards AFB, CA


Funding Opportunity ID:327394
Opportunity Number:W9126G-20-2-SOI-4172
Opportunity Title:Species Mgt Natural Resources Spt Edwards AFB, CA
Opportunity Category:Mandatory
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type:Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity:Science and Technology and other Research and Development
Category Explanation:
CFDA Number(s):12.300
Eligible Applicants:Public and State controlled institutions of higher education
Additional Information on Eligibility:Interested parties MUST be a partner in one of the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) National Network: Californian, W9126G-13-2-0012, or Rocky Mountain, W9126G-18-2-0018.
Agency Code:DOD-COE-FW
Agency Name:Department of Defense
Fort Worth District
Posted Date:Jun 01, 2020
Close Date:Jun 30, 2020
Last Updated Date:Jun 01, 2020
Award Ceiling:$584,427
Award Floor:$584,427
Estimated Total Program Funding:$584,427
Expected Number of Awards:1
Description: REQUEST FOR STATEMENTS OF INTEREST Number W9126G-20-2-SOI-4172 Project to be initiated in 2020 INTERESTED PARTIES MUST BE a partner in one of the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) National Network: Californian, W9126G-13-2-0012 Rocky Mountain, W9126G-18-2-0018 Project Title: Natural Resources Support Specis Mgt, Edwards AFB (EAFB), California. Responses to this Request for Statements of Interest will be used to identify potential investigators for a project to be funded by the US Air Force, which provides professional and technical support for its Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) in order to facilitate successful implementation of the 16 USC 670c-1 Sikes Act. Approximately $584,427.00 is expected to be available to support this project. Background: The objectives of the work to be performed under this task order are to conduct natural resource tasks on the federal lands belonging to Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), and to prepare reports detailing the results of this work. The NFE will develop, implement, and document a large mammal inventory survey for Edwards AFB. This project builds on previous research at Edwards AFB, and helps to fulfill a known data gap in the Edwards AFB INRMP. The wildland urban interface project will develop a management plan for predatory animals, specifically bobcats and coyotes, located in or influenced by the housing areas, commercial areas, school areas and play areas within a portion of the cantonment area on Edwards AFB. The sustainment objective project will help control nuisance animals on Edwards AFB by reducing food/cover subsidies, identifying and removing trash from illegal dump sites, and removing nuisance animals. Type of Award: In accordance with the Sikes Act (Sec. 103A [16 USC 670c-1]) “the Secretary of a military department may enter into cooperative agreements with States, local governments, Indian Tribes, non-governmental organizations, and individuals” This project is in support of the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan, as directed in the Sikes Act, and as a result, it is anticipated that a cooperative agreement through the CESU program will be awarded. Such awards may be administered through a CESU only upon mutual agreement and official authorization by both parties of the acceptance of the application of the CESU Network IDC rate (17.5%). Note: Must be a non-federal partner in the CESU Unit to be qualified to be considered. Brief Description of Anticipated Work: This project focuses on the following objectives: 1. Task 1: Large Mammal Survey The Non-Federal Entity (NFE) shall establish procedures, and provide services and equipment to implement the following: 1) Determine existing large mammals found or likely to be found on Edwards AFB. 2) Develop effective large mammal survey protocols to determine distribution of each species on base and their relative abundance. Survey protocols shall be scientifically agreed upon as accurate and also cost-effective. Survey protocols will be designed to: include habitat subsets as identified in Edwards AFB Habitat Quality Assessments (HQA) current design, not include or overlap current HQA plot locations, and be able to be replicated in future surveys to allow for trend analysis. 3) Implement approved survey protocols and complete surveys within period of performance. The NFE shall obtain all necessary state and federal permits required for trapping and tracking any surveyed animals. 2. Task 2: Wildland Urban Interface The Non-Federal Entity (NFE) shall establish procedures, and provide services and equipment to implement the following: 1) Identify predatory animals frequenting the project area and locate existing populations of bobcats and coyotes living within or influenced by the housing areas, commercial areas, school areas and play areas within that portion of the cantonment area on Edwards AFB shown on attached Attachment 1: Wildland Urban Interface Project Area. 2) Develop bobcat and coyote survey protocols to: map denning/cover habitat, food and water subsidy attractants, and travel pathways; track movements within the project area; track movements adjacent to the project area in conjunction with ingress and egress to the project area. NFE shall trap, transmitter and perform health assessment of trapped coyotes and bobcats to determine communicable human or pet diseases including but not limited to rabies, mange, parvovirus and such. NFE shall obtain all necessary state and federal permits required for trapping and tracking any surveyed animals. 3) Implement approved survey protocol within period of performance. 4) The NFE shall provide recommendations to ameliorate wildland urban interface human/predatory animal negative interactions. Recommendations shall include but are not limited to habitat modification, food subsidy modification, or educational outreach. Outreach recommendations will identify what type of public education is most effective. 3. Task 3: Sustainment The Non-Federal Entity (NFE) will provide support and equipment to implement the following: 1) Identify illegal trash dumps on Edwards AFB and establish a protocol for documenting and initiating illegal trash dump clean-up and initiating a trash removal work order. 2) Clean-up and remove from Edwards AFB debris from illegal trash dumps on base that attract nuisance wildlife. 3) Remove from Edwards AFB existing and ongoing stray animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, goats, cattle, horses, and exotic birds. 4) Provide veterinary services to treat and/or euthanize injured nuisance animals and wildlife. 5) Control public access to the Piute Ponds Complex area by installing a vehicle gate at Avenue E, along with placement of earthen berms at select areas to discourage drive-arounds. NOTE: At this time we are only requesting that you demonstrate available qualifications and skills for performing similar or same type of work. You will be evaluated for request for a proposal based on skills, qualifications and certifications demonstrated in your SOI. Period of Performance. The period of performance is 18 months from date of award Materials Requested for Statement of Interest/Qualifications: Please provide the following via e-mail attachment to: [email protected] and [email protected] (Maximum length: 2 pages, single-spaced 12 pt. font). 1. Name, Organization, Cage Code, Duns number, and Contact Information 2. Brief Statement of Qualifications (including): a. Biographical Sketch, b. Relevant past projects and clients with brief descriptions of these projects, c. Staff, faculty or students available to work on this project and their areas of expertise, d. Any brief description of capabilities to successfully complete the project you may wish to add (e.g. equipment, laboratory facilities, greenhouse facilities, field facilities, etc.). Note: A full study proposal and proposed budget are NOT requested at this time. Review of Statements Received: All statements of interest received will be evaluated by a board comprised of one or more people at the receiving installation or activity, who will determine which statement(s) best meet the program objectives. Based on a review of the Statements of Interest received, an investigator or investigators will be invited to prepare a full study proposal. Statements will be evaluated based on the investigator’s specific experience and capabilities in areas related to the study requirements. Please send responses or direct questions to: Ali Marshall Agreement / Contract Specialist USACE Fort Worth District [email protected] Office: (817) 886-1068 David Leptien Project Manager USACE Omaha District Environmental Remediation Branch [email protected] Office: (402) 995-2742 Timeline for Review of Statements of Interest: The RSOI is required to be posted for 30 days prior to the Government making a decision and requesting full proposals. Responses due by 5:00 P.M., Central Time, on 30 June 2020. [End of RSOI]

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