Salmon Conservation and Research Interim Facility, Operations and Maintenance

Funding Opportunity Number: R15AN20008
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity: Natural Resources
CFDA Number: 15.555
Eligible Applicants State governments
Agency Name: DOI-BOR
Closing Date: Aug 21, 2015
Award Ceiling: $640,203
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Creation Date: Aug 07, 2015
Funding Opportunity Description: The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) intends to issue a cooperative agreement to California Department of Fish & Wildlife under the authority of Catalog for Domestic Financial Assistance (CFDA) 15.555, San Joaquin River Restoration Program (SJRRP), Public Law 111-11, San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement, Title X, Part I; Section 10002, Section 10004 (b)(1); Stipulation of Settlement CIV NO. S-88-1658-LKK/GGH (San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement)—Paragraph 14(a). Estimated total amount of agreement is $640,203.00, with Reclamation providing $640,203.00 for Fiscal Year 2015. The purpose of this project is continued implementation of invasive vegetation monitoring and management activities, consistent with the Invasive Species Monitoring and Management Plan. The principal objectives to the project are to: (1) Develop and maintain a genetically diverse brood stock of spring and potentially fall run Chinook to support the restoration of Chinook salmon to self-sustaining levels; (2) produce targets set by the SJRRP to the maximum extent practicable given the limitations of tank space and water supply at the Interim Facility, until the full-scale Conservation Facility becomes operational; (3) produce juvenile spring-run and fall-run Chinook, with an emphasis on spring-run Chinook production, to support the restoration of Chinook salmon runs to self-sustaining levels; (4) support and provide research needs associated with restoring spring and/or fall run Chinook populations to self-sustaining levels. (Refer to the Notice of Intent to Award Announcement No. R15AN20008 for additional information) A Determination by the Government not to compete this proposed financial assistance based upon Departmental Manual 505 DM 2, paragraph 2.14(B)(2) & (4) is solely within the discretion of the Government. This notice of intent is NOT a request for competitive proposals. Questions concerning this announcement should be directed to Christina A. Muñoz/Grants Management Specialist, by e-mail at



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