Request for Information (RFI) and Sources Sought: Libyan Economic Acceleration Project


Opportunity ID: 329255
Opportunity Number: 72067020RFISS00001
Opportunity Title: Request for Information (RFI) and Sources Sought: Libyan Economic Acceleration Project
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity: Other (see text field entitled “Explanation of Other Category of Funding Activity” for clarification)
Category Explanation: Economic Growth and Trade
CFDA Number(s): 98.001
Eligible Applicants: Unrestricted (i.e., open to any type of entity above), subject to any clarification in text field entitled “Additional Information on Eligibility”
Additional Information on Eligibility: This RFI and Sources Sought is unrestricted; open to All Interested Parties.
Agency Code: USAID-GER
Agency Name: Agency for International Development
Germany USAID – Frankfurt
Posted Date: Sep 28, 2020
Last Updated Date: Sep 28, 2020
Estimated Synopsis Post Date:
Fiscal Year: 2021
Award Ceiling:
Award Floor:
Estimated Total Program Funding: $15,000,000
Expected Number of Awards:
Description: Responses to this RFI and Sources Sought are NOT considered offers/applications and CANNOT be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract/agreement. USAID is not seeking technical and/or cost proposals/applications at this time. Please do not submit a full proposal/application as it will not be reviewed and will be discarded. Submissions in response to this RFI and Sources Sought will NOT be returned and respondents will NOT be notified of the results of the review. Respondents may, however, receive an electronic confirmation acknowledging receipt of their responses. No feedback or debrief will be provided on comments received. Phone calls or hard copy responses will not be accepted. Responders are welcome to respond to both portions of this posting, the RFI portion and the Sources Sought portion. Responders must not respond to both portions of the posting and are welcome to respond to one of the portions of this posting, the RFI portion or the Sources Sought portion. Please refer to the Related Documents tab to access the Draft Activity Description, Information Sought and Sources Sought documents. Responses to the RFI questions must be limited to ten (10) pages. Responses to the Sources Sought portion must be limited to three (3) pages. Combined, the responses must not exceed thirteen (13) pages. Responses will be held confidential, however, we advise responders not to submit proprietary information. Please send all responses to this posting via email to [email protected] by end of the day on Monday, October 12, 2020. Request for Information (RFI): The purpose of this Request for Information is to communicate with industry regarding the Government's upcoming requirement for the anticipated “Libyan Economic Acceleration Project Activity (LEAP)”. Please note that responding to this Request for Information (RFI) will not give any advantage to any organization or individual in any subsequent competition. Responses may be used by USAID without restriction or limitation, therefore proprietary information should not be sent. This USAID/Libya RFI is issued for the purpose to offer the opportunity for interested organizations and individuals to provide information, opinions, and recommendations on approaches for the implementation of a potential activity to address entrepreneurship and small business development. The information contained within the RFI is intended solely as a thought-piece; ideas may change significantly during the activity’s design and approval process. Responses to this RFI are strictly voluntary and USAID will NOT reimburse for the preparation of information submitted. This RFI is not funded and does not imply a commitment of funding from the U.S. Government. Sources Sought: The purpose of this Sources Sought request is to conduct market research for USAID/Libya and collect written information about the capabilities of organizations currently working in Libya. USAID/Libya is performing this market survey to determine if an adequate number of organizations are interested in and capable of implementing a planned private sector development activity. Interested parties who are currently working in Libya or recently have been working in Libya are invited to submit a response. This capability statement should describe the organizational competency and expertise in working with Libyan communities and organizations and how that experience can be applied to this private sector development activity.
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