Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions Program CFDA Number 84.382C

Funding Opportunity Number: ED-GRANTS-030216-001
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Funding Instrument Type: Grant
Category of Funding Activity: Education
CFDA Number: 84.382
Eligible Applicants Public and State controlled institutions of higher education
Private institutions of higher education
Others (see text field entitled “Additional Information on Eligibility” for clarification)
Agency Name: ED
Closing Date: May 02, 2016
Award Ceiling: $350,000
Expected Number of Awards: 11
Creation Date: Mar 02, 2016
Funding Opportunity Description: Note: Each funding opportunity description is a synopsis of information in the Federal Register application notice. For specific information about eligibility, please see the official application notice. The official version of this document is the document published in the Federal Register. Free Internet access to the official edition of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations is available on GPO Access at: Please review the official application notice for pre-application and application requirements, application submission information, performance measures, priorities and program contact information. Purpose of Program: The NASNTI Program provides grants to eligible institutions of higher education (IHEs) that have an undergraduate enrollment of at least 10 percent Native American students to assist such institutions to plan, develop, undertake, and carry out activities to improve and expand such institutions’ capacity to serve Native American and low-income individuals. The program is authorized under section 371 of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. Priorities: This notice contains one absolute priority, two competitive preference priorities, and one invitational priority. The absolute priority is from the Department’s notice of final supplemental priorities and definitions for discretionary grant programs (Supplemental Priorities), published in the Federal Register on December 10, 2014 (79 FR 73425). In accordance with 34 CFR 75.105(b)(2)(ii), the competitive preference priorities are from 34 CFR 75.226. Absolute Priority: For FY 2016 and any subsequent year in which we make awards from the list of unfunded applications from this competition, this priority is an absolute priority. This priority is: Supporting High-Need Students. (a) Projects that are designed to improve: (i) Academic outcomes; (ii) Learning environments; or (iii) Both, (b) For one or more of the following groups of students: (i) High-need students. (ii) Students with disabilities. (iii) English learners. (iv) Disconnected youth or migrant youth. (v) Low-skilled adults. (vi) Students who are members of federally recognized Indian tribes. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 84.382C. Applications for grants under the NASNTI Program, CFDA number 84.382C, must be submitted electronically using the Governmentwide Apply site at Through this site, you will be able to download a copy of the application package, complete it offline, and then upload and submit your application. You may not email an electronic copy of a grant application to us. You may access the electronic grant application for the NASNTI Program at You must search for the downloadable application package for this program competition by the CFDA number. Do not include the CFDA number’s alpha suffix in your search (e.g., search for 84.382, not 84.382C).



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