Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection


Funding Opportunity ID: 324688
Opportunity Number: F20AS00060
Opportunity Title: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type: Grant
Category of Funding Activity: Environment
Natural Resources
Category Explanation:
CFDA Number(s): 15.662
Eligible Applicants: State governments
Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)
Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
Additional Information on Eligibility:
Agency Code: DOI-FWS
Agency Name: Department of the Interior
Fish and Wildlife Service
Posted Date: Feb 21, 2020
Close Date: Apr 17, 2020
Last Updated Date: Feb 21, 2020
Award Ceiling: $300,000
Award Floor: $25,000
Estimated Total Program Funding: $800,000
Expected Number of Awards: 0
Description: The goal of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is to target the most significant environmental problems in the Great Lakes ecosystem by funding and implementing federal projects that address these problems. As part of this initiative, the two bird habitat joint ventures that are in the Great Lakes watershed -the Upper Mississippi / Great Lakes Joint Venture and the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture – will be working with the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration programs in the Midwest and Northeast Regions of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to competitively fund state and other partner projects for long-term habitat protection, restoration, or enhancement, for conservation of native Great Lakes fish and wildlife populations, particularly migratory birds. Preference will be given to activities that help meet the habitat goals of the Upper Mississippi / Great Lakes Joint Venture Implementation Plan or the Lower Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Plain (BCR 13) Bird Conservation Region Plan, other relevant bird conservation plans, and State Wildlife Action Plans. Special Note: Wherever possible, projects that occur within known migratory bird migration stopover sites should be highlighted. The Great Lakes Migratory Bird Stopover Map Tool will be useful in identifying these sites ( In addition, projects that occur within watersheds of "Areas of Concern" (AOC; ( should be highlighted. Though proposals within known migratory stopover sites and/or AOCs are encouraged, it is not a requirement for funding.
Version: 3
Modification Comments: Changed eligible applicants

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