European Commission (EC) — Renewable Energy for Climate Change Mitigation in Namibia

The EC will make grants to assist Namibia with the development of renewable energy. Activities will focus on any or all of enhancing the regulatory framework and investment climate for renewable energy; promoting the use and/or generation of renewable forms of energy in rural areas; and promoting energy efficiency and savings in rural areas. Eligibility for lead applicant extends to non-state actors, parastatal organizations, and local authorities in the EU and its candidate countries, the European Economic Area, the ACP countries (including Namibia), and Europe's overseas countries and territories. Qualifying international organizations are also eligible. Grants will range from €300 thousand to €1.3 million, varying with cost shares. Reference EuropeAid/151101/DD/ACT/NA. The deadline for concept notes is 27 July 2016. Link

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