Curatorial and Research Services

Funding Opportunity Number: W9126G-16-2-RFP-0001
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity: Other (see text field entitled “Explanation of Other Category of Funding Activity” for clarification)
CFDA Number: 12.300
Eligible Applicants Public and State controlled institutions of higher education
Private institutions of higher education
Agency Name: DOD-COE-FW
Closing Date: Feb 22, 2016
Award Ceiling: $175,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Creation Date: Jan 20, 2016
Funding Opportunity Description: The Facility shall furnish personnel, facilities, supplies, materials, and services for the professional care, management and curatorial services of the collections from Corps project lands or activities under Corps management in or near the State of Texas in accordance with this Agreement. The Facility shall provide curation and research activities relating to the protection, preservation, stabilization, management, and utilization of the cultural resources of the Corps while recognizing the Federal Government’s continued ownership and control over the collection of cultural resources and any other U.S. Government- owned property provided to the Facility. With regard to collections of cultural resources obtained pursuant to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), the parties to this agreement recognize that the collection(s) are being held in trust until such time as they can be repatriated or otherwise dealt with according to the wishes of the appropriate tribe, group, or individual as determined under procedures established under Sections 3, 5, and 6 of the Act A. Perform all work necessary to protect the SWD collections in accordance with the regulations contained in 36 CFR 79, 32 CFR 229, EP 1130-2-540, ER 1130-2-433, ER 1130-2-438. Corps collections covered by this agreement are listed in Attachment 1. This list will be updated annually by the Facility to reflect the collections and quantities of Division collections currently housed by the Facility. B. Provide and maintain a repository facility having requisite equipment, space and adequate safeguards for the physical security and controlled environment of the collections, as detailed in 36 CFR 79.9. Bulk materials, such as soil samples and chipped stone debitage, may be housed in a facility that does not fully meet these requirements, pending improvements to comply with 36 CFR 79.9 insofar as possible given the availability of Facility funds. And to obtain as necessary, and as funding is made available by each district, any special materials, supplies, and equipment required for the curation and long-term maintenance of Corps collections. Such materials, supplies, and equipment shall be used solely for maintenance of Corps collections. C. Provide access to the collections for any person qualified as a researcher under 36 CFR 79.1O(b) or to Corps employees for collection research or examination upon request. All requests for visual examination of a Corps collection will be made in accordance with the Facility’s Collections Management Policy. Advance written approval from the depositing district is required for all requests that would involve the consumptive use of all or part of a collection for research purposes. Any resulting 3 exhibit, papers or publications must be approved by the District(s) responsible for the collections used. Copies of all reports, publications, project papers and research data generated from Corps data shall be made available to the District(s). D. Restrict access to associated records that contain information relating to the nature, location, or character of the cultural resource(s) unless it has been determined by the Corps district that such disclosure would not create a risk of harm, theft or destruction to the resource or its general location. E. Remove all or part of a collection from the Facility’s premises upon written request of the depositing district for the permanent transfer of the Corps collection to another curatorial facility. The collection(s) to be transferred shall be documented and packaged in a manner that protects it from breakage, loss, deterioration and contamination in conformance with 36 CFR 79. Transfer fees quoted in the Uniform Price Schedule include costs for documenting the transfer and packaging. F. Prohibit the sale of all or part of any Corps collection to any third party. G. Notify the Division and the depositing Corps district within five days of the discovery of any loss or theft, deterioration and damage, or destruction of the collection (or part thereof). Such an occurrence will be subject to investigation by the district in accordance with 36 CFR 79.1 l(e)l. H. Provide notices of actions that will involve the repair or restoration of any of the collections, which must be approved in advance and in writing by the depositing district. Reports on any treatments, including before and after photographs, shall be sent to the district. I. Obtain written approval from the depositing district prior to loaning Corps-owned or managed artifacts, documents or other materials to any other institution, individual or museum. Such loans may only be made for educational, research, religious or display purposes through a formal written agreement in accordance with 36 CFR 79 (subparagraph 10.e and Appendix C). In all instances, the Facility shall provide the district with a copy of the loan agreement. J. Direct any request for transfer or repatriation of Corps-owned or managed collections under the NAGPRA to the depositing district. K. Annually inspect the facilities and the collections, perform an inventory verifying the location of Corpsowned or managed collections and provide the Corps with a brief letter report on the status and condition of the collections. The inventory shall consist of inspection by drawer in General Collections and Records, by shelf in Whole Vessels and Human Osteology, and by box in Bulk Collections; the inventory is not to be an item by item listing of objects. The report shall briefly: 1) identify any deterioration or damage of the collections observed during the inspection with recommendations for remediation; 2) note any changes made to the facility or its management; 3) list loans and users of collections; and 4) identify any reports, manuscripts, theses or dissertations resulting from the use of Corps collections. (Deliverable 1) L. Maintain adequate cost records for work conducted under this Agreement and to make such records available for inspection upon request by Corps key officials or technical representatives. M. Provide one-time relocation services of all material from the current federally approved curation facility to the recipient’s facility, as needed. This move would be from the current facility housing the material to the recipient’s facility and would not include currently uncurated materials. The materials must be protected from damage from physical abuse, mishandling and adverse environmental conditions during the move. The collection(s) to be transferred shall be documented and packaged in a manner that protects it from breakage, loss, deterioration and contamination in conformance with 36 CFR 79. Transfer fees quoted in the Uniform Price Schedule include costs for documenting the transfer and packaging. 4 QUALIFICATIONS The curation facility must meet the requirements described in 36 CFR 79.9 GOVERNMENT FURNISHED MATERIALS OR PROPERTY None OPTIONS This agreement shall cover a base year and four options years to perform continued service as funds are available. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE Base period for this agreement: 1 April 2016 – 31 December 2016 Options, to be exercised as funds are made available: Option 1: 1 January 2017- 31 December 2017 Option 2: 1 January 2018- 31 December 2018 Option 3: 1 January 2019- 31 December 2019 Option 4: 1 January 2020- 31 December 2020 DELIVERABLES Deliverable 1: Annual Inventory Report Deliverable 2: Annual Invoice – (see below for invoice details) PAYMENTS Annual fees for long-term curation shall be based upon the quantity of each district’s collections and records held by the Facility on the first day of January of each calendar year and the Long-Term Curation Costs (Section 2) of the Uniform Price Schedule. The Facility shall submit invoices for annual curation fees to designated POC by 31 January of each year, which includes a cost schedule listing the project name for each collection, and the quantity and cost of each material category (Deliverable 2). Payments must be in compliance with the Prompt Payment Act (P.L. 100-496 as amended; 31 U.S.C. 3903). Payments shall be made upon receipt and approval of detailed invoices for work accomplished in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Terms of payment shall be 30 days following receipt of proper invoice. As a minimum, each invoice shall contain the following information: ? Name of the University ? Project name ? Invoice number and date ? Duns ? Tax ID ? Cage Code ? Cooperative Agreement name and date ? Description of effort, unit price, and extended totals, as appropriate ? Name, title, telephone number, and complete mailing address of responsible official to whom payment is to be sent ? The following statement, accompanied by the signature of the appropriate University financial official, shall be added to each invoice: “I certify in accordance with Federal law that all payments requested are for appropriate purposes and in accordance with provisions of the Agreement.” Invoices shall be sent to the Technical Representative at the following addresses: Mr. Dan McGregor 5 U.S. Army Engineer District, Fort Worth CESWF-OD-TN 819 Taylor Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102-0300



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