Community Radio Expanding Awareness To Inhibit Violent Extremism (CREATIVE)


Funding Opportunity ID: 316773
Opportunity Number: DOS-NBO-PAS-FY19-009
Opportunity Title: Community Radio Expanding Awareness To Inhibit Violent Extremism (CREATIVE)
Opportunity Category: Earmark
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type: Grant
Category of Funding Activity: Other (see text field entitled “Explanation of Other Category of Funding Activity” for clarification)
Category Explanation: Countering Violent Extremism
CFDA Number(s): 19.979
Eligible Applicants: Others (see text field entitled “Additional Information on Eligibility” for clarification)
Additional Information on Eligibility: Non-profit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) meeting the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 USC 501(c)(3); overseas not-for-profit organizations and civil society/non-governmental organizations.
Agency Code: DOS-KEN
Agency Name: Department of State
U.S. Mission to Kenya
Posted Date: Jun 06, 2019
Close Date: Jul 26, 2019
Last Updated Date: Jun 06, 2019
Award Ceiling: $150,000
Award Floor: $150,000
Estimated Total Program Funding: $150,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Description: PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to design and implement an innovative program to use community radio to build resilience, trust, and narratives to counter violent extremism on the Kenyan coast. The project will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will train and build capacity for up to 15 community radio stations to include journalist training on investigating and reporting, media responsibilities, and providing unbiased, factual information. The second phase will focus on content creation for journalists and audiences fostering dialogue, engagement, and broadcast of these conversations, including as town halls. Applicants should describe how they will select the 15 community radio stations in their proposal. The project supports the Embassy’s strategic goal of strengthening resilience in at-risk populations and supporting peace. To build ties to ongoing embassy initiatives and foster sustainability, program proposals should include U.S. exchange program alumni and the American Space libraries in Mombasa and Lamu. Ideal partners include organizations with experience countering violent extremism on the Kenyan coast. At least 5% of the full award amount should be allocated to third-party monitoring and evaluation, to include feedback from the community radio journalists and listeners. Priority Region: Kenyan coast Program Objectives: The project implementers will identify radio stations on the Kenyan coast, empower their journalists through trainings, enhance effective radio programming and coverage of violent extremism-related issues, and equip them with modern equipment to support long-term viability. The objectives of the program will include: 1) Through training, increase confidence, skills,and willingness among coastal community radio journalists and producers to cover stories on violent extremism and recruitment within their communities. 2) Support selected radio stations to produce regular news radio programs providing information from local government and other sources on individual’s legal rights and resources. 3) Expand the reach of news radio programs generated through this program using the American Space libraries in Mombasa and Lamu, town halls, social media, and other creative means. 4) Equip up to 15 community radio stations with modern recording and broadcasting equipment to ensure their viability. 5) Create long-term partnerships between community leaders countering violent extremism and community radio stations,strengthening both groups. Participants and Audiences: The priority region for this project is the Kenyan coast, and the program should include up to 15 radio stations that reach audiences of at-risk communities and sub-regions.
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