Community Health Aide Program: Tribal Planning & Implementation


Opportunity ID: 333816
Opportunity Number: HHS-2021-IHS-TPI-0001
Opportunity Title: Community Health Aide Program: Tribal Planning & Implementation
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Opportunity Category Explanation:
Funding Instrument Type: Grant
Category of Funding Activity: Health
Category Explanation:
CFDA Number(s): 93.382
Eligible Applicants: Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)
Native American tribal organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments)
Others (see text field entitled “Additional Information on Eligibility” for clarification)
Additional Information on Eligibility: To be eligible for this New FY 2021 funding opportunity, an applicant must be one of the following as defined under 25 U.S.C. 1603: –> A Federally-recognized Indian Tribe as defined by 25 U.S.C. 1603(14). The term "Indian Tribe" means any Indian Tribe, band, nation, or other organized group or community, including any Alaska Native village or group, or regional or village corporation, as defined in or established pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (85 Stat. 688) [43 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.], which is recognized as eligible for the special programs and services provided by the United States to Indians because of their status as Indians. –> A Tribal organization as defined by 25 U.S.C. 1603(26). The term "Tribal organization" has the meaning given the term in section 4 of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 5304): "Tribal organization" means the recognized governing body of any Indian Tribe; any legally established organization of Indians which is controlled, sanctioned, or chartered by such governing body or which is democratically elected by the adult members of the Indian community to be served by such organization and which includes the maximum participation of Indians in all phases of its activities: provided that, in any case where a contract is let or grant made to an organization to perform services benefiting more than one Indian Tribe, the approval of each such Indian Tribe shall be a prerequisite to the letting or making of such contract or grant. Applicant shall submit letters of support and/or Tribal Resolutions from the Tribes to be served.
Agency Code: HHS-IHS
Agency Name: Department of Health and Human Services
Indian Health Service
Posted Date: May 26, 2021
Last Updated Date: May 26, 2021
Estimated Synopsis Post Date: Jul 01, 2021
Fiscal Year: 2021
Award Ceiling: $1,000,000
Award Floor: $900,000
Estimated Total Program Funding: $3,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 3
Description: The purpose of the Tribal Planning & Implementation (TPI) program is to support the planning and implementation for Tribes and Tribal Organizations (T/TO) positioned to begin operating a Community Health Aide Program (CHAP). The program is designed to support the regional flexibility required for T/TO to implement a CHAP unique to the needs of their individual communities across the country through the identification of feasibility factors. The focus of the program is to:Develop clinical supervisor support for primary care, behavioral health, and dental health clinicians providing both direct and indirect supervision of prospective health aides;Identify area and community specific needs of patients that can be addressed by the health aids;Identify and develop a technology infrastructure plan for the mobility and success of health aides in anticipation of providing services;Develop a training plan to include partners across the T/TO’s geographic region to enhance the training opportunities available to prospective health aides to include continuing education and clinical practice;Identify best practices for integrating a CHAP workforce into an existing Tribal health system;Address social determinants of health that impact the recruitment and retention of prospective health aides; andIdentify the total cost of full implementation of a CHAP within an existing Tribal health system.This is only a forecast. The synopsis and application package are not yet posted, and we have not yet finalized the application due date. This opportunity will be updated when it is published in the Federal Register.
Version: 1

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