African Union All African Public Service Innovation Awards (AAPSIA 2018 ) for innovation in the public sector.


The African Union (UA) and the 8th Pan-African Conference of Ministers in charge of Public

Administration/ Public Service announce the sixth 2018 Annual Public Service Innovation Awards (AAPSIA 2018). The All African Public Sector Innovation Awards is the first African-scale price program to celebrate innovation in the public sector. The program recognizes and rewards the success of the workforce and their private and non-profit sector partners that have successfully developed innovative solutions, in terms of service delivery, combating corruption and governance-related challenges.


The aim of AAPSIA is to promote and encourage innovative practices for public sector services.

The prices recognize successful and effective service delivery initiatives through the application

of innovative approaches, methodologies and tools. The prize program provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, training, partnerships, and possible replication of successful initiatives across the continent. The theme: “Combating Corruption: A Sustainable Path towards Africa’s Transformation”

The theme of the 2018 edition of AAPSIA is informed by the vision of the Agenda 2063 of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa led by its own citizens, which represents a dynamic force in the international arena as well as the AU theme of year for 2018 mentioned above. The Prize Program contributes specifically to the aim of “Africa of Good Governance”, with competent and innovative institutions governed by transformative leadership at any level of government.


1. Innovative Service Delivery;

Improving Service Delivery to Citizens/Stakeholders OR Improve internal efficiency within the public sector.

2. Innovative Partnerships (Government, Private Sector and CSOs);

Creative Partnerships-resulting in better outcomes;

Sustainable relationship between government and other social partners

Approaches to participation and consultation;

3. Innovation in the Systems and Processes of Government;

Building accountability, transparency and ethics in public services-with citizens participation;

4. The 4th Industrial Revolution;

Demonstrable use of new technology to enhance service delivery


• The project should come from or have been mostly developed in Africa.

• Projects should provide direct benefits to citizens in their own country, region or across Africa.

• Prizes are open to individuals or units within government services, para-public organizations

and public-private partnerships.

• The project should work within the public sector and should still be existent for at least 1 year.



• The deadline for submissions is: August 07, 2018.

• All submissions will be subject to a receipt and will be given a reference number.

Contact details

To participate, just fill in the attached submission form (or download the electronic form) and send it back to the Secretariat (AU-STC8) by email, post or by handing over to:

Department of Political Affairs

African Union Commission

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

P.O. Box 3243 Roosevelt Street

Application Guideline

Application Deadline: August 07, 2018.